Friday, 18 May 2012

Dali - melting clock sculpture

Our latest artist adventures have introduced us to Salvador Dali (using this book). We touched on him briefly before when we visited the Dali museum in Fukushima a couple of years ago. The melting clocks definitely made an impression so I suggested to Ebi-kun to made a melting clock sculpture.

He used paper clay, something I hate working with but Ebi-kun seems quite happy to use it. First he rolled it flat and then used a cutter to cut out a circle. To get the melting effect he used the paper clay box and molded the clay to the box and then stretched out the bottom. He then left it to dry over night.

The next day he painted it, you will not believe how much gold paint we get through in this house! A little trick when doing the numbers, get them to put 12 on first then 6 followed by 9 and 3, that way it is easier to put in the other numbers in the correct positions.

Turned out pretty cool. Since he made it I am wondering if we could make a real clock in the same way, I know I can get the clock mechanism, I think as long as the numbers were placed correctly we could do it, hmm, you maybe seeing a melted clock 2.0 in the future!

If you are wondering what the clock is sitting on, it is his writing station, there is a detailed post here and Mariah has just done a great round up of writing stations including Meg's, a bit of writing station envy going on over here!

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