Thursday, 24 May 2012

What's your name?

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So far, school is going well, we are settling into a routine and Ebi-kun likes everything except math, because he says it is too easy! One of the things I don't like is that all the first years have to walk round with a big name badge on their chest. Fair enough in school but I am really not happy about the walk to and from school with their name posted on them - stranger danger and all that.
We have talked to Ebi-kun about it and he is pretty sensible as far as kids go but it doesn't stop me worrying.
The only cool thing about the name badge is the gadget to attach it to your shirt with. It comes with a pin but as you can imagine tops would get wrecked pretty quickly if you used it. This gadget has a button that you put under the shirt then you push the button into the back and click in place, so it gathers up a bit of the shirt and sandwiches it between the button and the name badge. There are other versions but work in a similar principle.

At least next year he will have a small name badge and you have to get pretty close to read it. Oh yes, and the green 5 sticker is the walking group he is in. Does your child have a name badge for school or is it a Japanesey thing?

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