Saturday, 23 June 2012

Have you done your homework?

Ebi-kun gets homework everyday, this is quite a shocker for me, when I was his age we had maybe a spelling list to go through once a week and occasionally a project or something to do but I am pretty sure we didn't have daily homework until we got to middle school.

He has a folder, the top picture. On the right is his writing practice, he has to copy whatever is on that sheet and on the left is reading. The sheet has the book and page number then the parent has to fill in the rest of the form.

1. Sitting up straight
2. Loud voice
3. Clear voice
4. Amount of times he read the page
5. Parent hanko or signature
6. Sensei's hanko

Now he has maths cards to read through too so we have to add an extra circle in the margin to say he read those too. *phew*

As soon as he started school I set the rule that he has to do his homework as soon as he gets home and he isn't allowed to go and play until it is done. He is pretty good at getting on and doing it and if he has arranged a playmate he is extra motivated to get it done quickly. If he isn't faffing around he can get it done and his bag packed for the next day in about 15 minutes. 

So, I am wondering, do your kids get homework? If so who much do they get a day?

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