Sunday, 1 July 2012

a little bit of stitching....

Due to the combination of the project I am working on and my business course there hasn't been a great amount of time for stitching recently, but I needed to make a gift for anew arrival so I whipped up this little fella with some of the scraps that were left over - you will have to wait to see his main gift, since it hasn't arrived yet!

I have also had a bit of embroidery on the go, I like to keep busy when I am watching TV at the end of the day but if I am working on one of my own designs I end up 'thinking' too much, I really needed some 'mindless' stitching. This is taken from the book Embroidery Effects by Jenny Hart of sublime stitching fame. There are a set of iron on transfers with the book. I embroidered it onto to linen but now have absolutely no idea what to do with it! Any suggestions?

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  1. I think it would make a great cushion panel for living room or bedroom!

  2. Embroidery goes modern! I think it would make a great panel for a throw cushion!


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