Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mohikans, Cousins and fireworks...

Snappy title don't you think? Still playing catch up here. We got back from our fishy day out and the Japanese cousins had arrived. T-kun is now in 5th grade and had a tonne of homework to do, I felt really sorry for him because he just wanted to play with the other two but no, he had to finish all his homework first. So whilst he was slaving away over a hot notebook, Ebi-kun and Y-chan got busy building and doing puzzles.

After a dinner of yes, sashimi, They got the fireworks out. I am not a fan and even less of one when the blokes running the show are both drunk! Luckily nobody got hurt (except for the 72 mosquito bites that I got in the space of 10 minutes) and the kids thought it was great.

Y-chan had got dressed up in her yukata so Ebi-kun wanted his hair doing then of course, as soon a T-kun saw it, he wanted his doing too, so a final pic of the cool kids....

Back home November 5th is the day we celebrate with fireworks, I still find it odd watching them in the summer, when is firework season where you are?

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