Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How To Make A Super-Card

A-kun is Ebi-kun's best friend and it was his birthday this week so Saturday we went to A-kun's house to celebrate. I didn't tell Ebi-kun we were going until that morning because of him not being well and we didn't stay long. The boys had fun playing for a few hours and I had a chance to catch up with A-kun's mom and dad.

Anyway, we don't exchange gifts for birthdays but Ebi-kun wanted to make A-kun a card. I remembered that I had a blank jigsaw puzzle so we went all out and made a super-card!

Ebi-kun drew a portrait of A-kun on the jigsaw puzzle...

Then we had a look through the paper drawer, we had some card that he had been practicing water-colour blending on so we used that to make the card. Next we folded some origami paper into little envelopes and stuck them onto the card. I managed to sneak some maths into this, he had to work out how many envelopes we needed and how many to stick on each side of the card.

Inside the card we taped the jigsaw base in it's plastic envelope and Ebi-kun wrote his message.

Then we muddled up the pieces and popped one in each envelope, and sealed each envelope with a sticker. A-kun loved his card and said it was his best present ever! I can see Ebi-kun wanting to do this again, I had better stock up on blank jigsaws! This one was from Muji but I have seen them in Daiso too.

When you were a kid, what was your best present ever?

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