Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lots of creepy crawlies...

Yesterday, Ebi-kun and I went outside to play for a bit after school. I noticed that our next door neighbours cherry blossom tree was looking a bit shabby, on closer inspection I discovered these...

The tree is dripping with hairy caterpillars. I am very cautious about these little critters after a friend had some in her garden, the hairs got into the laundry and she ended up having to get medicine from the doctor to help with rash that resulted from wearing the clothes that the hairs had gotten on to.

I have never seen so many caterpillars in one place, I am both in awe and revolted at the same time! We decide to catch a couple - using a long stick and a bug box, so we could investigate further. After much research we think that they are モンクロシャチホコ. I have no idea what that is in English but it is a type of moth.

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