Sunday, 9 September 2012

The strangest wedding present ever?

Years ago, just after I finished my engineering course at college and before I started my university degree, I took a year out and moved to Italy. I lived in with a lovely family and my only job was to speak to the kids in English all of the time. Gaia was 10 and Andrea was 8. I loved my time there and it was quite sad to leave to take my place at uni.
We kept in touch over the years we managed to meet up a few times, the kids came to our wedding party in the UK and Gaia has been over here twice, the last time I got to meet her husband to be.
So, this weekend it was her wedding, I really wanted to go but lack of the old yen stopped us :o(
but we did make them an hmmm, original! present. Ebi-kun drew the picture first then I transferred it onto linen and embroidered it.
He gave the piece the title 'Monsters Of Love' and since Gaia and Luca love monsters I think it is quite apt.

The strangest wedding present that we received was a stunt kite from my uncle Simon, I still have no idea why! So, your turn to share, what was your oddest or most unusual wedding gift (if you are not married how about birthday gift?)

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  1. As I said on FB, utterly brilliant present and will be treasured forever!

    1. Thank you Vicky, I think this might start a trend! I always get stuck on what to embroider, sewing his design is easy!

  2. I got a portable DVD player and a firefighter indie flick called "chariots of fire". Bizarre! ;) but we had a good laugh over it!

  3. My family has a habit of finding the worst or most horrific gift to give as wedding or 'special event' gifts. They will save it and pass it onto the next person too! The worst and most dreaded is a what we call a "monkey back scratcher" (because for the life of us we cannot figure out what it is or used for, and someone picked it up, scratched their back with it and it's stuck). It is wooden with the arm extending up and down into hooks with a very disturbing looking carved money in the middle. It's chipped, dirty, old and really disturbing. The funniest thing is that it's been passed around for the last 20 years or more. Nobody has gotten rid of it, they laugh or cringe and hold onto it to pass onto the next 'victim'. There are few other of those gifts floating around the family too (it's a large one), and the funniest moments are the ones where the couple actually LIKE the weird gift (like a very ugly nativity scene). I love my family!

    1. that is so funny and I had completely forgotten about a gift my mom and her sister passed to each other for years, it was a really ugly glass swan, I wonder where it is now?

  4. I think the gift you sent is awesome! I had a strange wedding card from a childhood friend. He was actually the little brother of my best friend in highschool but when I was in highschool and my dad had cancer her family took care of both my brother and I and made sure we got to school etc and her brother and my brother were really close.

    It had some random message about him leaving a pineapple for me to find on the road to the airport. I still have no idea what it was about but I have the card somewhere.

    My husband gave me sockets once as a present. It was a little weird.

    My mum and her friend had an ugly vase that went back and forth between then- they would not necessarily give it back to each other but hide it in random places in each others houses. For example when my mum`s friend moved house my mum went to help and she hid the vase in a random cupboard. Another time the friend put it back in my mum`s house by leaving it outside in a giant decorative bird cage my mum had.

    1. LOL I am loving these swapping stories. Me and Di have a Sooty hand puppet that gets hidden in each others house each time one of us visits, I'm not sure who has him right now...


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