Sunday, 9 September 2012

The strangest wedding present ever?

Years ago, just after I finished my engineering course at college and before I started my university degree, I took a year out and moved to Italy. I lived in with a lovely family and my only job was to speak to the kids in English all of the time. Gaia was 10 and Andrea was 8. I loved my time there and it was quite sad to leave to take my place at uni.
We kept in touch over the years we managed to meet up a few times, the kids came to our wedding party in the UK and Gaia has been over here twice, the last time I got to meet her husband to be.
So, this weekend it was her wedding, I really wanted to go but lack of the old yen stopped us :o(
but we did make them an hmmm, original! present. Ebi-kun drew the picture first then I transferred it onto linen and embroidered it.
He gave the piece the title 'Monsters Of Love' and since Gaia and Luca love monsters I think it is quite apt.

The strangest wedding present that we received was a stunt kite from my uncle Simon, I still have no idea why! So, your turn to share, what was your oddest or most unusual wedding gift (if you are not married how about birthday gift?)

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