Friday, 19 October 2012

dinner for daddy

Daddy Ebi has been away on business in China this week and was due back yesterday evening. Ebi-kun decided he wanted to make dinner for daddy and was very insistent on the menu...
Macaroni cheese with broccoli
Salad of cucumber, avocado, tomato and homemade mozzarella
Rainbow marble cake covered with cream cheese frosting, decorated with rainbow sprinkles

So, after he got in from school and had finished his homework, we got busy in the kitchen. We made the pasta first, Ebi-kun is a dab hand at making cheese sauce from scratch, I have to help a bit but it won't be long before he can do it by himself.

Next up, salad. He did this all by himself with the exception of cutting the avocado open, he was very particular about the position of the salad pieces.

Dinner is served, it was delicious too. The salad was topped with a little olive oil and salt. I had strict instructions (as oven operator) to make sure the pasta was extra crunchy on the top.

Then there was the cake, he did manage to use almost every bowl in the house making this and somehow I got left with the washing up, but it looked great when he had finished. It wasn't actually this yellowy green, that is thanks to the lights.

Looks a bit tastier in the early morning light! Cake, yoghurt and kaki for breakfast.

I think the key to cooking with kids and it being enjoyable is to leave enough time to do everything. On my own, I could have got the meal prepared in 30 minutes (not including cooking/baking time) but it took us about an hour and a half. That was a good chunk of quality time together and we always have a good natter whilst we are doing it.

Do you cook with your kids? What is their favourite thing to make?

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