Monday, 17 December 2012

He's behind you.....

One of the great traditions of a British Christmas that I really miss is going to the pantomime. I'm not sure this crazy phenomenon happens anywhere else in the world. Basically... the play is always a story such as Aladdin, Puss in Boots or in this case Cinderella. The main male role is always played by a pretty women in tights and boots, the main old lady/ugly sister role is played by a bloke in a lot of bad make-up and there is always a LOT of innuendo's and ad-libbing. Crowd participation is a must and you are guaranteed to leave with a sore throat.
Brilliant and I love it!
We took Ebi-kun last time we were over and he loved it too so we booked tickets ASAP this time and get a good spot in the stalls, just a couple of rows from the front. You are not supposed to take photos but I managed a couple of sneaky shots... Ebi-kun got really into it and I think I might be slightly deaf in one ear now.

The ugly sisters costumes were amazing, although I don't think the script was quite as funny as last time, it was still really well done. We sneakily had a word with 'Buttons' so when he read out the invitations for the wedding, he read out Ebi-kuns name and said that he had come all the way from Japan, Ebi-kuns face was a picture. Another thing we can now cross off the holiday bucket list!

Is the panto a truely British thing? Do they have them where you are?

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  1. I have never heard of this tradition but it sounds like fun!


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