Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to make simple felt bowls

These little felt bowls are super easy to make and would make a great little starter projects for kids. They look so pretty stacked together or can be used for trinkets. Those with little ones, kids LOVE sorting so these make perfect sorting bowls too.

What you need:
8 pins
needle and thread to match the colour of the felt
Felt circle

The circle can be any size, you can use a cup or plate as a template to draw round. If you want to make large bowls then I recommend using thicker felt to make it a bit studier.

Fold the felt in half and put a pin in the half way point on both sides, then fold it again the other way so you have pins effectively at North, East, South, West.

Now fold it again so the north pin touches the east pin and add another pin to the centre of the fold, continue until you have pins placed equally around the edge.

Fold your felt together and make a few stitches a few mm from the pin, you can get fancy here and add beads or contorting thread.

Take out the pin and it should look like this. Continue all the way around until you have sewn each marked spot.

Taa-daa, finished! Seriously, how easy was that?

 Now get a different colour of felt and start again, by starting with felt circles staggered in size by 1-2cm you can make nestled bowls...

Fun! What would you use yours for?

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