Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vertical drop slides and go-carts

One of the last places we went to was the National Forest Adventure Farm near Burton-on-Trent, where we met up with Di and Ry. This place is great, well worth the money, considering the local wacky warehouse place costs about 4 quid to get in, this place cost a couple of pound more and you can easily spend all day here without getting bored.

Inside is a big soft play structure which include a place for under 5's, some giant Lego and vertical drop slides and yes, they really do have a vertical drop. Ebi-kun being well, Ebi-kun was straight up there, it didn't cross his mind to try the smaller of the slides first, oh no, straight on the big one! These slides are not for mothers with a weak heart, I can tell you. Apparently adults can go on too but I didn't see any try it out, Di and I did venture onto the bumpy slide but that was about enough excitement for us.

Even the ball pool slide starts with a vertical drop! When we arrived it was virtually empty, it got a bit busier later but not manically so. There is also a big area to eat lunch, the food was homemade and lovely and very reasonably priced.

Outside they have a load of things to do, there are go-carts, free tractor ride, in the summer they have a maize maze, animals to visit, play areas, football shoot-out, little tractors to ride...

It is a perfect place to go, whatever the weather. We also discovered that it is not far from where my cousin lives, if we had known beforehand we could have met up with them too!

They also have a giant bouncy pillow, crazy golf, water gun area (for the warmer months!), beach volleyball and fossil dig plus lots of activities going on throughout the year. We had loads of fun, it would have been better only if it had been a tad warmer, it is definitely somewhere we would like to go back to next time we are over.

Just one UK tour blog post left and that will wrap it all up! Today feels like the first day back at work proper, finally the jet lag has subsided, I am still waking up at at 4am but at least I can make it through the day now without crashing! Ebi-kun is back at school and it is time for me to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in with my work.

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