Friday, 8 February 2013

Your homework this week is...

To do the housework!
No, not mine or yours but Ebi-kuns. Last week he was sent a questionnaire from school to fill in, it asked who did which jobs around the home. This week he has to do a 'chore' everyday and write it down. 

Now, Ebi-kun has jobs that he does around the house, he doesn't get paid for them as we believe that he is part of the family and so he needs to help too. If it is a big job or something out of the ordinary I will pay him for that. 

It is his responsibility to put his laundry away, clear his dirty dishes, keep his desk tidy and clear the floor of all his toys when I vacuum and dust the stuff on the shelf by his bed. On a whole, he does a good job. Not always without complaining but then I can say the same about myself!

We talked about what he could do and we decided on cooking. He does help in the kitchen quite often, but that is different, than having to do it everyday, as he is finding out. So far he has been really good, and yesterday he pretty much made the meal himself - Cauliflower and Macaroni cheese with zucchini moons. I just did the dangerous bits, getting things in and out of the oven etc.

I don't remember having to do housework for homework as a kid, maybe I did and I was that traumatised I have erased it from my memory! How about you, do your kids do housework for homework or do you remember doing it as a kid? Let me know in the comments...

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