Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I don't have to go again until 2020!

To the immigration office that is. I have just got a new passport and I needed to change my old alien card for the new version, so I decided to do it on one go. Since I last went to the immigration office it has moved, it used to be right next to the station, now...well let's say it took me a while! I did, as any savvy young lady would do, and plugged the address into the maps app and followed the little blue dot all the way to... an apartment building! Argh. Since I didn't believe that immigration were now dealing out of someones flat I double checked the address. Mr Google came up with a map and an address, the map was one of those dodgy self made ones with nothing to scale so I wasn't too sure about it and when I put in the address that was with the map if came up with a spot the other side of the station, nowhere near the location on the provided map.

In the end I gave up and call my husband and asked him to text me the address in Japanese, this time it worked! 

A side note for anyone in the same situation, I have PR, there is no stamp in my passport now, it is all on the new gaijin card (not the proper name but let's be honest and call a spade a spade). And big thumbs up, there is no need to get re-entry permits anymore - hallelujah to that!

And this is for me, for when I go back in 2020, so I find it first time! The address of the Saitama Immigration office

Anyway, it was all pretty painless and I wasn't there too long. Since it was a beautiful day, I decided to walk over to Shintoshin and grab some lunch there before heading home. So here are a few pics I took along the way, I think I will start collecting more of the manhole covers...

I love the autumn skies here....

Manhole art number 1, if you are in Japan, what is on your cities manhole cover?

The Shintoshin area is pretty new and there is some great architecture, the station and surrounding area is pretty cool, I wasn't in a good spot to get pictures of that though.

This looks like an old Japanese coat of arms, not sure if that is what it actually is...

It was a bit early for lunch when I got to the mall, so I had a bit of a mooch first, how adorable are this little stools?

Had a nice wander and lunch then headed home. After the bumpy start it turned out to quite a pleasant day, especially since I won't need to go back until 2020 and yes, I have put it in my calendar as not to forget!

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