Saturday, 12 October 2013

I had no idea...

Ebi-kun had a half day on Thursday, so after he had finished his homework we rode down to the local shopping centre to pick up a notebook and milk. I have been trying to work some extra exercise into my days so I have been taking a longer route recently, going through the rice fields and decided to show Ebi-kun the way.

For the first time I actually measure the route and was surprised it was over 11 km (round trip). I am also eager to know how far this path goes, I always come off it at the same point, I think next time I will do some more exploring...if no more posts appear, send out the search party.


  1. I do that a lot too since the weather is so nice now and I love to explore around.
    Have a wonderful weekend. We're going camping:)

  2. looks like a beautiful weekend for camping, we won't be doing anything quite as exciting!


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