Monday, 26 January 2015

Life Saving For The Family...

At the aikido club, they have to have at least one designated first aider, who has to have done the CPR/AED training. My husband got picked this year so we all went along for the training! Officially Ebi-kun is too young to join but I wanted him to do anyway.

The first time I did CPR I was 7 and in the Brownies and I had done it every year until I came to Japan, so I was glad to do a refresher too.

Must say I was very relieved that I didn't have to give a pigeon mouth to mouth!

The course is run by the fire department and of course included a boring 30 minute DVD - wouldn't be Japan if it didn't !

There has been a change in recent years so that CPR is the way to go, so we did lots of practice with that. Then we got to use the AED packs, I have never done this before - exciting... Clear....bam....charge..... - maybe I have watched too many episodes of ER!

It's all pretty straight forward, the gadget actually tells you what to do and even with my crappy Japanese I could figure it out.

Of course, I have Staying Alive going through my head the whole day, why? Well Vinnie Jones (ex football player now movie star) did this amazing video, cracks me up every time I watch it...

Brilliant but then I discovered this one....

Watch them, share them and don't be blaming me for the ear-worm!

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  1. On the contrary, thanks for the ear worm, and the videos are hilarious!


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