Tuesday, 4 July 2017

We have babies!

I have to say, I did get rather over-excited when this happened a couple of weeks ago!

We have had a praying mantis nest (?) on our holly tree for a few months and I have been waiting for the babies to hatch. Well, I went out to water the garden and they were coming out. I ditched the watering can and ran back inside to get my phone ASAP.

Ebi-kun had already left for school so I wanted to show him the wee beasties in action....

I did collect a pile of them in a jar so Ebi-kun could take a look when he got home, then we released them into the back garden. I can't believe how many praying mantis babies were in there! They just kept coming!

A few weeks on, there doesn't appear to be so many around, whether they have gone down the road to a bigger garden or eaten by the birds, I do not know. I do get excited when I find one though and I now know how David Attenebough must have felt when he was recording some new discovered species!

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