Monday 28 May 2007

Everything is picked!

Well, it took a long, long, long time but we have finally picked everything out for the house. We spent all day yesterday deciding where the plug sockets and light switches should go. I picked out all the wallpaper, the co-ordinator and I were NOT on the same wavelength, she kept picking really flowery old womens types stuff out. Hubby didn't get a say in it at all since he was feeding babyebi at the time, but let's face it, who would want a lime green living room anyway (his fav. colour Yuck!)
So, now we can relax a bit. The plans and paperwork all has to go to the planning office to be approved - there was a big rush to get it handed in before the end of May because the housing reglations change in June and that would have held up the start time of the construction. We can make changes before they start as long as it isn't anything major. We are all exhausted, it will be lovely to have a nice relaxing weekend next week.

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