Monday 21 May 2007

Fukinuke Storage

Well we had another full day at Sanyo Homes yesterday. We were told the fukinuke storage idea was a no-go, well they could do it but it looked messy and expensive so they decided we could have an attic instead. So that is my storage stress out of the way. We have also got the blue panel sorted, the material they are going to use is no longer made but they said they can make us a special assignment for just ¥20,000, considering the other stuff was going to cost ¥400,000 we are VERY happy with the new plan. We picked out the doors, windows, glass type, outer wall coverings but ran out of time as we were looking at door handles. We will go again next weekend and meet with the co-ordinator to discuss curtains, wallpaper, curtain rails, lights etc. I have a pretty definate idea of what I want so that should be easier.

The land tests came back and as expected we will have to reinforce the foundations, the steel houses are heavier than wood so the foundations have to be stronger, we thought there was a 90% chance of this happening so that is OK.

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