Wednesday 30 May 2007

Geometric Solids

Boy, was I a busy girl today?
I went over to the ¥100 yen shop to buy one or two bits, ended up spending ¥2500 - oops!
I found some fab little baskets and now wish I had bought more. I put together a folding activity with 3 different towels in a basket and I found 5 wooden shapes for my geometric solids set. Also picked up some blue paint and what I hoped was overcoat - all I understood on the label was "paint" and "up/over".
Painted the solids as BabyEbi ate lunch (takes him an hour) and then did the overcoat when he had dinner, I was pretty impressed with the result, especially since the whole lot only cost me ¥840! Just have to work out where I can get the other shapes from now...

1 comment:

  1. You have found amazing things at your 100 yen stores. I can't wait until I make my trip to a dollar store around here :).


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