Saturday 16 June 2007

The Pink Tower

I introduced BabyEbi to the Pink Tower a couple of weeks ago.
Today he was really into it and although he didn't quite get it right he made a good attempt.
I'm not sure why, but when he has finished he has to do a little dance and a jump! I certainly didn't do that after the presentation I gave him.

The Pink Tower develops:
* Visual and small muscular perception of dimensions.
* The cubes represent the concrete concept of the numbers of 1 through 10.
* Helps to make smoother and more coordinated movement.
* Math readiness by introducing concepts of smaller, larger, prepares for the decimal and number system.

It also helps prepare the child for more complicated maths that he will come across at a later stage, such as the cube root. 1000 smallest cubes make the largest 10th cube. 8 of the smallest cubes make the second cube, 27 of the smallest cube make the third cube, 64 of the smallest cubes make the fourth cube, 124 cubes make the fifth cube, and so on.

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