Monday 18 June 2007

Wee Wee Everywhere!

Yes, we have started potty training. BabyEbi isn't impressed, at first he was quite happy to wear (under)pants but now he takes one look and runs off shout "No Pants, No Pants"! This morning we have already had 3 accidents and a break through, the last one was a little accident but he managed to tell me in time to get him on the potty where he supplied me with a BIG wee, thankfully that one wasn't one the floor. On the bright side, at least we now have lovely polished floors!!

I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to poo next. BabyEbi loves his fruit and veg and so his numbers twos tend to be a bit messy - please make it to the potty.......


  1. interesting idea. I haven't introduced rewards, I am hoping I won't need to. At least he is aware of what he is doing now, just need to give me a bit more time to get him on the potty.....

  2. Summer's coming, just let him run around with no pants on and give him lots of praise when he gets it right! (And keep plenty of wet towels on hand for when he doesn't ...) It worked for both of mine, and tatami is surprisingly pee-resistent ;-)

    Hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you for the Eight Random Things meme. Come on over to my blog and have a look...


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