Monday 25 June 2007

What will it be like?

We went to a party the other day and people kept asking what our house will be like. Well, what can I say? It isn't my image of my dream home, compromise and lack of money had a big role to play in that. We decided to get solar panels and the such like which meant we had to cut back on making the house "pretty". It won't be a traditional English cottage

nor a traditional Japanese one

We both like the natural wood style but to do that was way too expensive, we had to decide which bits we wanted to splash out on. We both felt that it was important to have a good kitchen, one with more than 6inches of worktop space! So, we have got, what I hope will be a lovely kitchen, the Sanyo man keeps telling me it is like a model home kitchen not a REAL one hahaha. We also wanted the downstairs open plan partly to make to feel bigger and partly so that we can be together, as a family no matter what everyone is doing, and if anyone wants some private time they can go upstairs. After looking at several model homes we decided that a fukinuke would be a good idea. Basically where the ceiling in a certain area goes straight up to the 2nd floor, it brings in more light and when the houses are so close ogether, you want all the light you can get! What else? I want a big deck, so that we can sit out to have meals, I really miss that from my time in Europe and the weather here is pretty good most of the time. Upstairs we wanted BabyEbi to have his own room, our room and then a multi-purpose room which will be used as an office/playroom/guest room/hobby room any other kind of room we can think of!

So, you will have to wait and see what it will look like......

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