Tuesday 31 July 2007


BabyEbi LOVES these little grapes, Eating the skin is not the done thing in Japan so he has learnt how to squeeze the grape out, put the skin in a another bowl then eat the grape. A nice healthy snack and it keeps him out of mischief for ages!

It has been a hectic week, what withBabyEbi getting sick and the 2 parties to organise plus all the usual stuff going on, we are just about getting back to normal. He didn't want to go and play at the Shien centre today - too busy with his new zoo set that goes with his Lego safari bus that he had last year. Lego, is great, mommy and daddy Ebi love it too. Well, I had better get back to it, lots of sewing to do and hen night games to organise.....

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