Monday 23 July 2007

working with the art cards.

I finally remembered to take a picture whiles he was working with art cards.
I have split the pack so that there are only 10 pairs in the folder at the moment.
He knows a few of the artists already, Van Gogh and Klimt, maybe because they are easiest to say. He usually matches the cards then picks up odd cards and studies them, naming various things...ball, boat, flower etc.


  1. I made these cards from Montessori by Hand site. Thanks for posting them there! My 4 year old loves them and we are reading a Van Gogh book now because that's her favorite.

  2. Hi! Great blog! I just stumbed upon it via the playful learning blog tour. I found it very interesting and thought to see posts from when baby ebi was about my son's age, so here I am reading your first posts! I was trying to download the art cards from Montessori by hand, but the box thing isn't working. Is there another way to get these? I would love to print them out for my little one.

  3. Bxlsprout - thank you! I have a downloads page, the tab is at the top of the screen, the art cards and lots of other cards are listed there

    Most of the files are free, there are few that I ask a couple of dollars for, let me know if you have any problems


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