Friday 2 November 2007

Christmas traditions

I know, it's not even November yet, never mind December. I usually have to start my Christmas shopping early due to having send most of my presents half way round the world, it never seems right somehow, I like to wait until December to start the Christmas festivities proper. Anyway, I was having a mooch on esty and came across this beautiful hand blown glass decoration byRebecca Zhukov

I fell in love with it and have a perfectly good reason to buy it, you see, when BabyEbi was born I decided to buy him a hand blown tree decoration each year and present them to him when he comes of age (20 in Japan). He will then have a beautiful collection of decorations - or I will "look after" them and he can have them when I pop my clogs!!

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  1. great idea! I started a similar tradition when CJ had her first Christmas-except that I let her choose one new ornament each year. Its interesting to see how her tastes have changed over the years - her first one was a clown! The last one (at 21 yrs of age) was the figure of a boy in a bunny suit from a Christmas movie that I can't remember the name of right now. I don't think she ever chose "traditional" ornaments, but then again, as much as she loves "tradition" she's always on the cutting edge! She also chose a Star Trek ornament of the room that "beams" people here and there -and it really works, with noise and everything! It's always fun when we decorate the tree to remember her years of growing up.


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