Tuesday 30 October 2007

closet finally sorted

After a trek to Ikea in the typhoon on Saturday I came back with an array of boxes and draws to sort all our closets out with.
After reading Tim Seldons book How To Raise An Amazing Child I decided I wanted to implement some of his ideas. Sleeping on a low bed or futon is something we have always done so no need to work that in but, I did want BabyEbi to be able to turn the lights on and off by himself, so we had his light switched placed a bit lower than normal when we had the house built. I also wanted him to be able to reach all his clothes and toys. To my disappointment, the closet shelves are fixed so I had to work with what we have got so the bottom two shelves are for his clothes and he can reach the next two shelvesso some of his toys are on there, he has a bookcase for his books and draws/shelves/baskets for his other toys.

I made labels for his clothes draws (as much for his dad as they are for him!) one side it is written, the other has a picture. So, not only can he take his clothes out by himself, he can also help me with the laundry and put them away.

To help him keep his room tidy I have made sure everything had a "home" he knows where everything lives and can quite easily get what he wants out and put them away after. Now I just have to get his Montessori equipment shelves sorted.....

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