Friday, 26 October 2007

rainy rainy day

We got up this morning and it was wet and grey and looked set for the day. I don't mind rainy days so much, usually gives me a good excuse to do something arty/crafty and today was no exception. So after snack time, a rather juicey satsuma - I think BabyEbi enjoys peeling them as much as he does eating them, we got to work.

I decided to make a threading board, very easy to do and kills a good hour or more.
You will need....
hole punch
stiff card that will still fit in the hole punch

1. Cut out a shape from the board, it can be anything, I did a butterfly and then a caterpillar with the scrap that was left.
2. Punch holes around the edge of the shape 1-2 cm apart.
3. Give the card shapes to the kids to colour.
4. While they are completing the work of art cut pieces of wool (I had some scraps and so just used them) add a piece of tape to one end to make a 'needle' this makes it easier for the child to thread.
5. Once the card has been coloured show your child how to sew using the wool. I tied the end off so he could sew without pulling the whole thing through. Whilst your child is busy sewing, go and have a nice cup of tea!

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  1. That's great and easy to do.I will try with my little boy.


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