Tuesday 18 December 2007

It's my birthday and I'll sew if I want to...

yippee an new sewing machine

It's not an all singing, all dancing model and it doesn't do a squillion fancy stitches but it sews in a straight line without buggering about and I have managed to sew a tote bag, a couple of bibs, two softies, a purse thing, and a mini blankie without swearing ONCE. This has to be a miracle!!
Most of the things I have sewn need finishing off by hand so I will take pictures when they are done, the softies and baby bits are for a new friend who arrived on Saturday, his big brother is the same age as BabyEbi so he will be getting a robot softie the other things are Christmas presents. I always wonder when I read other blogs how these amazing women manage to knock out so many things each day, now I know it's because they have a fully co-operating sewing machine!
BabyEbi has been very good at letting me play with my new toy and we spent some time together punching (paper not each other) and sticking. So we are both happy bunnies.....


  1. Happy Birthday Jo !!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the new sewing machine!


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