Friday 28 December 2007

Merry Christmas

to all those who celebrate it, we had a lovely day, I managed to cook the full turkey dinner without any disasters. Babyebi was really excited, Christmas eve we went up to bed, I was reading him book when we heard a loud "Ho Ho HO" so we looked out of the fukinuke window and there was Santa-san putting presents under the tree. I was surprised he actually went to sleep after that but he did and Christmas day was lovely. We took our time opening the presents and we left his main pressie - dinosaur Lego until last, needless to say that is all we have played with since.

I also managed to make some new Christmas place setting, getting them finished just in time.

Boxing Day was a bit odd as always, at home we have a big family party, eat too much, drink too much and play stupid games, not quite the same here. We did have an internet chat with the folks back home but with the time difference they were just getting up and we had already eaten dinner and had a glass of sherry or two, it was lovely to see everyone though.
I should warn you that I had three great new books for Christmas...Last-minute Fabric Gifts, Amy Butler's in Stitches and Simple Gifts to Stitch so I will be sewing mad once I get a minute to decide what to do first. I have decided that everyone will get homemade gifts next year, or mostly homemade because there are some awkward cusses out there hahaha.
Well, I am off to make some Staffordshire Oatcakes for lunch, a local dish from home that I REALLY miss but luckily I found a good recipe to make them my tummy is grumbling........

I'll try and pop in again before New Year but we are off to the in-laws for a few days so I won't be around much, so have a lovely New Years and see you in 2008, if not before.

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