Tuesday 4 December 2007

nativity set

Now, I am not religious but I do love Christmas and I think it is very sad here in Japan that the majority of people have no idea about the story of Christmas. When I was back home in September the shops already had some Christmas goodies out and I dropped lucky finding this little nativity set....

It has little plastic figures of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the 3 wise men, a donkey, camel, ox, sheep and the Angel Gabriel. The stable folds out then you can place the figures inside. A story book which is all in rhyme came with it, it is very sweet and BabyEbi is very interested in it all - which was the point, hopefully he will grow up understanding the true meaning behind Christmas.

I have just noticed that Baby Jesus has some European visitors bearing gifts from afar, a French stick, a set of bagpipes and a mobile phone...

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  1. Lovely! My kids keep playing with the Nativity set, and asking if we're going to see Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus at Christmas time.


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