Wednesday 23 January 2008


Yes, at last we have had some snow, just a smidgin'. It started snowing about 7.30am so by 8am we were out trying to catch snowflakes. It is Babyebi's first time to see real snow so he was pretty excited. Luckily it stuck for a while so we went back out a couple of hours later to make snowballs and run round in circles discovering his own footprints - very cute. But of course once his hands were frozen (and me) and we had to come back in, we had tears, but before the tears we managed to mae a very small snowman, more a snowdwarf.....

Of course, the workmen didn't turn up today, Babyebi was disappointed about that, he has ben loving watching them work through the window, especially when the guy - who looks about 97, gets his mini digger going, I can't imagine how excited he will be when they turn up with a cement mixer.
The forecast was for snow a couple of days ago but it never appeared but that didn't stop us from making our own snowman, a rather sticky affair using glue paste and cotton wool, I did the cutting of the hat and arms, under strict instruction and Babyebi did the sticking.

I also managed to make a couple of the pixie hats from Bend The Rules and Babyebi kindly modelled for me, they turned out lovely, shame I have a little boy and not a little girl...

Talking of all things handmade, there is still time to sign up for the Pay It Forward
Finally, have you seen the counter on the bottom lefthand-side, i put it on just before Christmas and it is over 2000 visitors from 50 countries, that just blows me away, thank you for stopping by, it would be one mighty continent swap if everyone got involved (and a mighty headache for me to organise LOL).

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