Tuesday 12 February 2008

A change of colour

Thought the Christmas colours should be packed back up in their box and popped into the pantry with the rest of the Christmas gubbins.
I would also like to introduce you to my Book Store which is just a little place where I have recommended my (our) favourite books. These are all books I own or have read and that I would recommend to friends, so go and have a browse. If you do buy anything I will get a smidgin' of commission from Amazon, that no doubt, will be spent on more books, so come on, help me expand my library! I haven't got that many in the store at the moment but I will be adding more and you will find a link in the side bar for future reference.
DaddyEbi took BabyEbi out to play at the weekend which meant I got a good couple of uninterrupted hours with the sewing machine so BabyEbi got a new back-pack, I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along, turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself! The soldier material and the spotty bits are pockets, the soldier pocket closes with a snap and there is an inside pocket too, now he can carry all his own crap around, spare pants, colouring books, pencils, toy cars, tissues and whatever other rubbish seems to appear into my bag usually!

and matching pencil roll inside...

and I made myself some new table mats and coasters, I LOVE this orange flowery fabric, I am now kicking myself for not buying more - I always do that!

They do go lovely with my new plates!

Sorry to keep harping on but the Continent Swap closes soon so get a wriggle on if you haven't signed up yet.


  1. hey there!

    toddler_ebi is getting so big! i remember when he was a bump on our nights out.

    anyway, i love your blog. i never knew you were so creative. and i love the way you're raising the sproglette! super-mum!



  2. Hi,
    Would you like to add some simple japanese storybooks that baby ebi is reading too? My husband knows some simple japanese but we never get around to buy any japanese books as we dont know what's good! It would be fun if we can add some to our "library" at home :)

    btw: this is chin yee

  3. Hi again,
    Just a comment, i was trying to read the review for the books, and the color of the fonts is too light, and it almost blends with the background color, kinda strains the eyes @@...maybe you would like to change the font colors please?

  4. Thanks Chin Lee, I will change the font colour when I gat a moment and add some Japanese books too....

  5. I love the bag and crayon pouch! Great job!


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