Monday 25 February 2008

Four Things...

I have been tagged by Tracy for the 7 random things meme but I have done that one before so I with do the 4 things about me one instead...

Four jobs I have had in my life:
testing car airbags, ESL teacher, theatre stagehand (made props and did the lighting), auto electronics tech (trainee)

Four places I have lived
Italy, Israel, Ecuador, Japan

Four Places I have been on Vacation
Cambodia, Galapagos, Norway, Egypt

Four of My Favourite Foods:,
moms roast beef and yorkshire puds, cheese - preferably very mature cheddar, cauliflower, cake

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
horse back riding in Mongolia, snowboarding somewhere with lovely soft snow, on the beach in Cambodia, at moms just as she is about to serve up roast beef and yorkshire puds!

and now I will tag four people, they need to copy the above questions and answer them then tag another four the lucky four are...Melissa, Shannon, Can Can and Tara

We had a busy weekend, MIL had brain surgery, everything looks OK she has to have more tests yet though. We went to a friends first birthday party, there were lots of little boys so BabyEbi had a whale of a time and I also managed to finish by continent box swap items, just need to bag them up and get them sent - along with my mothers day present! Today's mission is to get to the post office....
oh yes, and that cheeky little monster was a present for the party, I am really into making monsters at the moment!

This is BabyEbi's bum biting monster cushion for his bike seat - he was complaining the seat was uncomfortable...


  1. Hi Jo

    I ordered from Little City Kids.
    Most of the stuff was great! The knobless cylinders had a chip or two but at that price, we can deal!

  2. thanks Shannon, I had a look, it says that the store is closing down so it looks like a good deal if you are after a few bits and bobs. They don't have everything I want so I will stick with IFIT, their prices aren't that much different.


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