Monday 4 February 2008

Me do it!

Yes, we get a lot that, which is fine most of the time. When we are going out I try to leave plenty of time to let BabyEbi sort himself out. Yesterday he mastered the art of putting on his socks, hurrah! I also wanted to share this trick, it is from How To Raise An Amazing Child by Tim Seldin. It is a great book explaining how to impliment Montessori in the home. 
I tend to think that toddlers are very much like drunk people, they throw up anywhere without any notice, pee their pants, talk in their own strange language, demand to eat the strangest combinations of food and have an inability to put their own coat on (resorting to that humous moment of spinning around trying to get their second hand in their sleeve). Well, this technique sorts out the latter problem...

place coat on the floor, open it enough to see the arm holes

stand at the top of the coat - hood end, this is important or the coat will end up on upside-down
slide hands into the arm holes and pull over your head

      just gotta figure out the zip thing now....

      Babyebi learned how to do this last winter, he was about 16 months old, now he is an old pro at it.
      And just in case you missed it....the continent swap is now open we have got 3 groups so far, more would be lovely. Do we have an takers in Australisia, South America and any more from Africa? Don't be shy ;O)


    1. We've been working on this with O, and she loves it. At 18 months old, she's almost able to put her coat on by herself and she is so proud!

    2. At school we have a little poem to help the kids remember this.

      Tag at your toes,
      Arms in the holes,
      Over the it goes.

    3. Sorry that last line should be,

      Over the head it goes.

      Must proof read before hitting publish!


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