Sunday 3 February 2008

Past and Present

We had to nip over to Kim's shop yesterday to drop off a few bits so I took a few pictures whilst I was there...

I love how she has put the happy bears in this vintage suitcase - so cute.

She is also selling handmade soap, it smells really good, good enough to eat in fact!

BabyEbi has been busy drawing on his magnetic board again, I take a photo of what he had drawn then trace the picture with black ink on photoshop and then he tells me which colours to fill it in with, he is quite the artist. The only problem with the magnetic board is that sometimes I don't get the camera out quick enough. You can check out his artwork here

Finally, I don't have time to write much today as it is snowing an a certain little somebody is itching to get outside and play.
We have quite a few signed up for the Continent Box Swap but if you haven't signed up yet, there is still time to do so, more the merrier.

Well, se you later, off to build a snowman......


  1. I am really surprised to see the drawings especially at his age (2years and half). Those are drawings that I see from the 3 and half, 4 years old in my class room. great work baby ebi. (my daughter 28 months is still doing lines and circles and obsessed with rain and ballons ;)

  2. hi jo, can i have kim's email address? thanks! i love the handmade bears!

  3. oops just a note that i managed to find her email address.

  4. I love your idea with the artwork! I'm definitely going to do that with O!


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