Tuesday 19 February 2008

A surprise package....

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I was bogged down with a cold all weekend, snot up to my eyeballs urghhh, but feeling a bit better now.
We had a big box arrive on Saturday from my husbands gran, we often get packages from his mom like this but I think this is the first time be have had one from he-baa-chan. It contained
  • some fish fabric
  • 2 lots of kimono type fabric
  • a furoshiki
  • some pretty purple fabric
  • lots of ume boshi
  • 2 enormous cabbages
  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • some money for BabyEbi
A very strange combination of goodies.
We have munched our way through one lot of broccoli (big fav in the house) but the cabbage is going down very slowly. It doesn't help that the only things I know how to make with cabbage is, okonomiyaki , coleslaw and 'boiled' to serve the good old English meat and two veg!
So I got on google and found some cabbage recipes last night we tried Russian Cabbage Pie which was surprisingly tasty, which is just as well since we will be having it again tonight LOL. If you use this recipe you might need to add some water into the pastry dough, mine wouldn't stick, maybe it was just me. We might try the Beered up cabbage next unless anyone has any cabbage recipes to share.
In Japan each prefecture is famous for something, usually some kind of food, where by husband is from it is ume boshi. His aunt has an ume boshi farm and has recently moved into the realms of internet sales, I don't know whether they can do international orders but if you are in Japan and an ume-boshi lover check out their site mume-ume it is in Japanese but I know one of the girls who works there speaks English. I am not an ume-boshi fan, although I can manage one or two of the mume-umes they are not quite as sour as some I have had in the past.
Now I am behind with chores etc because I did absolutely nothing over the weekend, Kim is coming to pick up some things for the shop but I haven't finished the things to go yet, mother-in-law goes into hospital on Wednesday for brain surgery and I wanted to make her a present, that is only half done too and I really need to get the vacuum cleaner out before the dust bunnies turn into dust elephants.....

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