Friday 14 March 2008

bubble painting

I tried this yesterday after being inspired when playing in the yard with bubbles.
You will need...
  • a large box (with high sides)
  • bubble mix or make your own with washing up detergent and a little water
  • a bubble blower for each colour
  • water colour paints
  • paint pots/jars

  1.  pour some bubble mix into the paint pots, we used 3, red, blue and yellow
  2. add some paint and stir well
  3. place the paper in the bottom of the box
  4. dip the blower into the paint mix and blow bubbles into the box ( with a small child this needs close supervision unless you want bubble patterns all over your house!

The results are lovely, quite delicate pretty patterns, 'rainbows on the paper' Babyebi called them!


  1. Wow, I remember doing this as a child, so much fun. Might have to give it ago again soon. x

  2. I had a bubble picture painting my sister did once (or maybe it was a watercolor, I'm not sure), where after the paint was dry, she squirted some plaint in swirls over the colored paint. The effect was very pretty.

  3. We are going to try this too. What a fabulous idea! Thank you

  4. I just read about this in one of my library books! It looks like so much fun, and the results are beautiful! We're going to try it soon.

  5. we tried this today. I did something wrong but we still had fun. I've posted pictures, if you care to see.

  6. I love this idea!! Thank you. For Easter my girls got one of those extra big bubble buckets so this would be a perfect way to use those ... since regular bubbles get boring for 2 years olds after a while.

  7. We tried this a few times but nothing came out as beautiful as yours! The kids had a great time though so thanks for the idea!

  8. That looks like a lot of fun! Just this weekend I was reading a book from the 80s I found in my parents basement that suggested kind of the reverse: Outside - possibly in a box, can't remember - blow bubbles in a cup until you have an overflowing mound. Then gently place a paper down on the bubble mound. As I'm always telling my son not to blow bubbles in his cup at dinner I thought this project might be right up his alley. Now we might need to try both ways!

  9. This is fantastic! I've never seen this before, and I can't wait to try it with my babies. Thanks for sharing.

  10. we framed one of the paintings - it was hard choosing which one but when we have visitors they are alwsys drawn to that painting, it is so delicate they find it hard to believe a two year old could have done it!

  11. What kind of paint is everyone using? Watercolor, tempura? Inquiring minds want to know, before we try it ourselves. ;)

  12. when we did it this time we used watercolour paints, the ones in the tubes, I mixed them with water first then added it to the bubble mix.

  13. I remember doing this as a child. Mom had us all outside with an oil cloth on the picnic table. We had a lot of fun. We used to 'paint' our easter eggs this way, too. Sometimes we'd use a wax pencil to make designs first, and then we'd put the egg on a stand and blow bubbles at them. Sometimes it was messy, but we were outside and it wasn't anything that wouldn't wash off. Not like the food coloring that stays on your fingers for a couple of days!


  14. I'm always so happy to discover someone doing these wonderful process art experiences with children. And BONUS! -- your bubble paintings are really lovely too. It's great that you have a blog that will encourage other mommies and daycare providers to open their world to process art. YAY for "A Bit of This and A Bit of That"!!!

    As the author of books about this kind of art for kids, I hope your readers will visit my blog or my website. Lots of free art ideas there from all my 23 books.

  15. OOops. Forgot to say my website and blog:

  16. thank you for your kind comments. we have also done this since using food colouring and bubble mix which worked pretty well.


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