Wednesday 19 March 2008

displaying artwork

I have been super grumpy this week since I have got terrible toothache which is so bad at times it makes me want to throw up, I have got an appointment at the dentist tomorrow, he has already warned me that it is going to take an hour, right now I would be quite happy if he knocked the lot out!
Anyway, enough of my grumpy moanings or maybe not, one thing I hate is refridgerator art displays, you know when kids works of art get stuck on the fridge for all to see, to get tatty and ripped and end up in the bin. I wouldn't put any piece of art that I had spent a long time working on up on my fridge so why would I be so disrespectful to my kids work?
So, we finally got round to putting up a Stripa shelf to put BabyEbi's work in, looks pretty good, the shelf is actually straight, it's just not a good photo!
Kids art always looks great framed, even in cheap frames.

In the spare room/work room we have a set of 8 of these storage boxes (above the shelf) the front lifts up to reveal books, I like them firstly because bookshelves tend to look messy unless you have beautiful, first edition, leather bound books and secondly we can display more artwork on them.
I have taken photos of most of his artwork and intend to make a photo book with them, he produces that much that we can't possible keep all of it, of course we send some to friends and relatives too. My mom has a lovely canvas picture he did when he was about 18 months old, the mix of colours are lovely, looks like some fancy modern art.
I have also been trying to wade through the piles of presents I need to make, in my family there is a birthday boom in April and again in August so I have been busy busy busy, can't tell you about some of them but I have made 7 lovely black apple dolls (link on the side) I still have the faces to paint yet but there will be photos soon. If I can fit that in between decorating eggs for the egg hunt on Saturday and making chocolate eggs since I can't seem to buy them here, I have seen bunnies but I had to scrape myself off the floor after seeing the price hahaha.
Well, better get back to it since I will of no use to anyone after the visit to the dentist, thankfully it is a national holiday tomorrow so Mr Ebi can take charge on the little monkey.

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  1. I've been working on framing O's art, too. It is amazing how good kid's art looks in frames! I can't wait to see pics of your dolls!


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