Sunday 2 March 2008


We cracked the paints open and had a fun couple of hours. We tried the painting with marbles idea that I read about over on Chasing Cheerios. BabyEbi enjoyed doing it, did 3 pictures before getting bored and then got the paint brush out. I painted a small globe that we had - it was a freebie from somewhere, I wanted to see if the paint stuck to it OK. I ended up making the land and water globe, it came out quite well although I did manage to wipe out several small nations and changed a few borders, a finer brush and a bigger globe maybe in order for the next one. I painted the blue first, it took several layers to cover the writing and then I did the yellow, ditto for the writing. When it was dry I gave it a layer of modge-podge. To get the rough finish on the land I used yellow glitter glue over the yellow paint. All turned out quite well, I need to make the cards to go with it next, I have the black line masters for them from my course so it shouldn't take long.

I also painted some name plates for 3 little sisters that I know, they have been in Canada for 6 months (so number 3 could be born) and they will be heading back to Japan this month.

I have also got addicted to 'shrinkie dinks' I think that is what it is called, that plastic stuff you write on then stick under the grill and it shrinks to about a quarter of it's size....(NOTE - don't put the shrinkie dink stuff in the microwave!). Can't show you any pictures of that yet since the batteries for my camera are on charge.
The other day I read an interesting post on Montessori Mama basically us adults ask children to do things sometimes but don't show them how and then get annoyed when they don't do it to our liking. I have been guilty of this and now try to think ahead a bit. A few months ago I would ask BabyEbi to put it books away, which he would do but just shove the books on the shelf any old how. Suddenly it dawned on me that he didn't actually know how to put them on nicely so we spent 10 minutes taking the books off, I explained about the spine and how the spine needs to look out of the shelf so that it is easier to find the book you want then we worked together and put the books back. Now, when he has to put books away he sits on the floor runs his finger down the spine and says 'spine' to himself and puts it on the shelf, next step is to teach him to put them in ISBN order hahaha just kidding!
For those who joined the swap, I hope you have put your packages in the post, mine should be winging their way across the seas and I type. Any suggestions for the next swap?


  1. Jo

    Those name plates are lovely. Thanks for that. Hiroki just arrived and the packing will start in earnest now. I'll see you next week! Would love some of your ideas for crafts for rainy day weekends.


  2. The globe turned out really well. Quite impressive! What kind of activities do you do with land, water, air? I've reached a mental block on that one but we are not quite ready to move on to continents.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. we haven't really done much with the land, water, air yet, I have made the 3 part cards but not given him the presentation that goes with it, I keep forgetting to buy balloons!


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