Wednesday 5 March 2008

a very long project....

I started this ages ago, I had the idea in my head but no clear idea of how to do it which is not like me. Maybe that is why it took me so long. I made some dressing frames for BabyEbi a good while ago but he doesn't like using them, he is interested in trying to do buttons and snaps etc. but doesn't like the dressing frames so I thought I'd try and make something a bit more fun for him to practice on and so Monti the Snake was born, well sewn.
He is a long snake with several fastenings attached to his back so when he curls up to sleep a little boy can practice opening and closing snaps and clips.

So he has a velcro fasten, a clip, a button, a snap, some ribbon ties, a buckle and a hook & eye. I put the easiest ones at the start of the tail, the ribbons are last since I think these will be the last ones he masters. Monti's mouth is a zip fasten with a really long tongue which needs to be rolled up so you can fasten the zip again.

So far BabyEbi likes to wrestle with Monti on the floor, I did catch him this afternoon working with the fastenings but of course as soon as I tried to get the camera out for a nice candid shot he started to do anaconda wrestling again! I wish I had a nice quiet camera.

I feel much better now that I have got this project out of the way, it didn't turn out quite as expected but it is all finished and now I can concentrate on other things. My next Montessori equipment project is for the land and water cards and the forms to go with it, picked up the bits I needed for it today...


  1. I love this! What a wonderful idea! I have seen the dolls with the fasteners, but I am a much bigger fan of the snake. Well done! Julie

  2. That is the best idea I have ever seen for a dressing "friend". You could easily sell these!

  3. it's a fabulous idea! and very very neat way to put the snake away in style! I am planning on sewing Ivan a "Super Why" boy - a cartoon showing in US, and having some problem including all the gadgets....i am thinking it will be a really big "SUPER BOY" to include all of them (ribbon zip buckle button! let's see if i can pull through @@

  4. That is SO clever! I love it.


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