Monday 28 April 2008

extension work

I had my manuals out today and babyEbi spotted the Brown Stair/Pink Tower extension pictures and said he wanted to do it. Of course the one he wanted to do was probably the most difficult in the manual so I suggested we started with something a bit easier. So first he built the brown stair vertically and did the pink tower next to it and then we moved onto this...

It took him a while to suss out that he needed to alternate the pink blocks, it was half built when the penny dropped, once it was built he carefully took out the pink blocks...

Then he built the pink tower vertically and the brown stair horizontally once he had done that he started to create his own thing which he called a 'shinkansen' (bullet train) by placing the pink blocks on the ends of each of the brown stair

I love watching him work, sometimes I swear I can hear the clogs turning as he tries to figure something out!

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