Sunday 6 April 2008

just a quickie

I am supposed to be making bento's for todays cherry blossom party but I noticed I hadn't posted anything for days. I have been a bit busy, firstly sorting out all the new Montessori goodies and trying to work out what we need out and what I can put away for now. I had to make a shelf for the zoology and biology puzzles and I now need to make the cards to go with them. The big project will be to make a rack or something for the geography puzzles, they are bigger than I expected and heavy, Babyebi can only just pick it up.
We had a busy week too, meeting my cousin as she passed through on her travels, my mate from home who teaches over my way once a month, playing in that park, shopping, oh yes, how could I forget the vomit incident! Babyebi is rarely sick but when he is he goes the whole hog, urgh I am sure I can still smell it!
I am also trying to get to grips with our drawing package, I have some patterns I want to draw up properly but not knowing (and having a stubborn streak about reading manuals) how to use the software is slowing me down. I prefer the play around and try all the buttons method of learning software because I remember better that way, just takes longer.

Oh yes, and one of my swap packages arrived from the Domincan Republic. It had lots of great little things in it, Babyebi was really taken with the little owl made of resin with pieces of rock inside and I was very happy about the organic cocoa! A loevly package, thank you!

To my other swap partners, I haven't heard from you for a while although i have emailed you, please check your spam folder in case my mail has gone in there - that goes for anyone else who hadn't had an email when they are expecting one.

Right, off to make the bento or I will be in deep trouble!


  1. I can't wait to read (and see) more about your new Montessori materials!

  2. I received two parcels from my swap partners, two outstanding and awaiting news! Hope to hear from them soon and I did a quick feedback for my swap partners about the items sent.


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