Tuesday 8 April 2008

more swap parcels

I intended to have a relaxing, not do much type of day yesterday because we had a hectic weekend but it didn't really turn out that way. After getting all the usual chores done I introduced BabyEbi to the third colour tablets box and showed him how to grade them, I wasn't sure if he would 'get it' but he did and graded all the different sets and made a rainbow with them. Then he got out the moveable alphabet and wanted to play 'hands on heads game'. I used to do this when I was teaching ESL. Spread a few cards/letters on the mat, review them so the child knows what they all are then put your hands on your head. Player one calls out a letter and all the players try to grab it, the winner gets the letter, holds it up and says 'I got it, and names the letter' The next round the caller changes so when we play with just the two of us we just take it in turns. He loves playing this and will play with anything I can think to put on the mat. When we had played a few rounds of that he got the art cards out. I spread one set of the cards out on the floor and put the other set in a pile upside down, just to the side. Then I picked up the top card, kept it hidden from BabyEbi and described the picture, giving him the information bit by bit.
There are 3 girls dancing
They are ballet dancing and standing on tip-toe
They are wearing pretty blue dresses.....

Once he found the card then it was his turn, the only problem was, if I didn't get the right card straight away he would tell me the answer. He loved playing this and we ended up playing twice, there are 20 cards so that is quite a long game! He has already asked if we can play again today, I should make some more art cards.

The postman arrived too with a parcel from the Yukon, thank you Ahn! Sorry about the picture!

BabyEbi was very interested in the pieces of rocks and minerals and all the leaflets with steam trains on them, he can't wait for my best friend to come and visit because he knows we are going on a steam train with her - he hasn't been on one yet.
If you have joined the swap please post your pictures in the flickr swap group

We had another parcel too, this time off my mom and it contained lots of lovely ribbon, chocolate and these fantastic letter cards. Each of the letters are close-ups of butterflies wings, quite amazing, must have taken forever to find the whole alphabet.

It is most certainly a rainy day crafts day today, I have no intention of setting foot outside the door, it is horrible out there.


  1. Hi - your art cards are great - and I just love that poster - I have been oogling it for some time at a butterfly farm we visit!

  2. Did you make your color tablets or buy them? I'm planning on making a set for O, but I don't know where to start. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

  3. I love that poster too.

    Amazingly, one year my step-father contacted the artist and purchased my name and my Mom's name in photos he took. Each letter is 4 x 6. The neatest part is my Mom is Patty and I am Tracy but all the letters were different! One of the best gifts I have ever received.

  4. I can't imagine how long it took him to find the whole alphabet! Having your name spelt out with them sounds like a lovely idea.


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