Tuesday 6 May 2008

fish and dolls

Well yesterday was Boy's Day in Japan (now named Children's day) so hubby took BabyEbi along with some other friends and went 'fishing' in the rice paddies. As babyEbi left he said he was going to catch a lobster for dinner and that is exactly what he did! He came home with two small fresh water lobster things, hardly big enough for dinner though :o)

So I made him boys day carp banner dinner...(grrr Blogger keeps turning the image round so it is sideways)

I also finished 3 little girl dolls and a couple of space cadets. The two girls on the right are for two little sisters, their family name happens to be Cox which is a type of apple so both girls are wearing apple dresses and have their initials on their pockets. I haven't decided who the third little girl is for yet, I just really liked the dress material! The blue-haired space cadet is actually BabyEbi's, another is for my Nana who is not very subtle when it coming to hinting on what she would like hahaha.

We went to the International fair in Toro on Sunday (I had one almighty hangover) but we still had a good day. There were lots of things to do, babyebi built a bird house and we bought some bits for his Montessori boxes, a Masai whistle, a bead crocodile from East Timor, a carved giraffe from Kenya and a little Uzbekistani man (I love saying that!). We had a very international lunch, babyebi sampled all the different things we bought which were Empanyada from Peru - probably spelt wrong, a flat pancke thing with meat and veg in from China, a Turkish doner kebab, Indian curry and topped off with cherry blossom ice-cream YUM.

Last but not least I have been featured on The Crafty Crow and have a badge to put up on my blog but I can't work out how to make it into a button, linking back to The Crafty Crow, can anyone help?


  1. Hi Jo,

    The Red Hair Doll is lovely!
    The dress is fabulous against the red hair and the print is big but still you manage it so well :)!

  2. she seems to be the favourite, I didn't think the dress would work because the print is really big, the red hair and green dress look appley together! the other doll has tiny apples on hers.


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