Thursday 29 May 2008

Ice Cooking

Ice Cooking On A Hot Day

I gave BabyEbi some bowls, spoons, ladles, you know, general kitchen bits and a bowl of ice and a bowl of water.

He spent a good hour 'cooking' with it. He hasn't shown any interest in spooning for quite a while but he really enjoyed this. He also liked the challenge of walking up and down the steps with a bowl of water trying not to spill any. He loved it so much that he asked to do it again the next day rather than go down to the park.

This is a great activity on so many levels. Apart from keeping cool, there is spooning and stirring, pouring and learning about water and ice, and how they react to each other.

Add coloured ice cubes for some colour mixing fun too!

Here he decided to try drawing with the ice cubes...


More pouring...

No need for any fancy equipment, just good old simple fun for free.

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