Monday 26 May 2008

noodle soup

BabyEbi is loving his new cookbook and we have had to have noodle soup twice this week. He insisted that he cook it for daddy yesterday. We used the table top stove to cook it in because I don't want Babyebi to think that it is OK to stand at on a chair near the kitchen stove. So he broke up the noodles and put them in the pot and then ripped up the spinach leaves...

Then he added the veg (and I threw in a bit of chopped chicken for good measure)

Add water and stir well

Turn on the stove then go and play for 10 minutes...

We have also made popcorn in this stove, it has a glass lid so you can actually see the corn popping as well as hear it, the lid does steam up initially but once a few of the corn has bounced off it, it clears up some what, I think was just as exciting for me and daddy as it was for Babyebi since we had never seen corn 'pop' before. I forgot to take photos, next time!

I have been busy trying to finish my friend Kym's present, she had a healthy little boy on Monday and will be out of the hospital in a couple of days so I need to get a riddle on - I thought I had loads of time because she wasn't due until June 7th but then she was taken into hospital and had to have the baby delivered early. At least they are both healthy and doing well.

The last few weeks have been a bit cocked up, the 3 hour work schedule 3 times a week has gone out of the window and my cleaning schedule is all to pot too (I usually do certain jobs on certain days to keep on top of everything). So I decided that today we are going to get back on track. I think part of the problem was the nice weather, instead of working inside we have been playing outside, I need to set up some outside activities before the rainy season is upon us.

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  1. We loved this book years ago when my youngest was small. Thanks for leading me down memory lane.



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