Tuesday 10 June 2008

200 posts and give-away!

Wow, 200 posts, I completely missed my 1 year bloggy birthday but at least I got the 200 posts!

So, to thank all you lovely readers, especially those who send me emails and leave comments, I appreciate every single one :o)
So, I have decided to do a give-away. All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you like about the blog and in a weeks time, Wednesday 18th, I will get BabyEbi to pick a winner.

So what will you win, the choice is yours, either a space cadet softie or a mermaid (I am still in the process of making them but they will look something like this....

which ever one is not picked will go to Softies for Mirabel Also, I will include a surprise goodie bag of exciting bento, crafty and Japanese things.

When you leave your comment be sure to leave a contact address!


  1. Oh boy, I just love love love them both. I love mermaids though and my girls would go coo coo over it. Please include me in your giveaway and congrats on the 200th post, wow right :)
    here is my email just in case I may possibly win
    thanks and have a great day

  2. HI Jo :)

    You are one of the amazing bloggers whom has been constantly sharing your life with us - sharing montessori ideas/files/organising swaps/free downloads, toddler's/adult's crafting/sewing inspiration, recommmending books, or blogging about any normal day in life. There's little laugh and giggles along the posts since you started the blog and there's some posts that make me thoughtful.
    Two hundreds posts is quite a milestone!
    I'd said this before but I will want to express my thanks to you again. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING.

    chin yee

  3. I have just started reading all kinds of Montesorri blogs and yours is one of the tops on my list. I love all your fun ideas and i love your pics.

  4. Hi Jo,
    What do I love about you blog? Well, all the great activities you do with Babyebi of course! You always inspire me! Congratulations on the 200 posts! My email is sjbacb@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Jo!

    I love all the projects you do with BabyEbi. I get so inspired and try to create some of them for my girls. We've made chicken soup, and glued and painted objects on art board. We're having a great time! I can't wait to see the next 200!

    chill417 at aol dot com

  6. How fun! Congrats on 200. Let's see, things I like about your blog - mostly I like seeing the projects you work on and the activities you do with your son. I'm not doing montessori but do have a couple youngins and still get inspired by your projects & activities. My latest fav was the "cooking" with ice and water. We had fun in the back yard with that one. Sand and pebbles were added for extra crunch.

    Just in case - threesneakybugs(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Congrats on 200 posts! I love all of the wonderful Montessori work and fun activities you do with Baby Ebi, and I am inspired by your homemade Montessori materials and your sewing crafts. I check everyday to see what's new with Baby Ebi and his mama! My email is melissabeckham@hotmail.com. I'm crossing my fingers...O would love that mermaid!

  8. Happy 200th post!

    I love reading about all the great activities BabyEbi does. I use many with my Little Man.

    I don't win things often.. but if I did the space cadet would be loved and treasured by Little Man and I.

    Congrats again!

  9. I love learning about Japan & montessori stuff. My son is a bit older than yours.

  10. I love your creations... I always read your blog. I was thinking about the thing I like the most and I would have to say... I like the Montessori ideas... My daughter Hope is three and I am always looking for new things to try with her. Thank you so much for sharing :)Congratulations on 200 blogs:)

  11. Congrats on making it to 200 posts! I love coming to your site for so many reasons. You have very creative ideas to share with us. (I have three sons and am always on the look out for fun and educational things to do with them.) I also enjoy the photos and ideas about Japan. I hope you have a lot more "200" posts in your future! CONGRATS again!!!

  12. I love so many things about your blog! I love your creative photos....your craft projects....your tutorials....the way you simplify Montessori projects for newbies like myself. :0) Keep up the great, great work!

    My kids would enjoy either of those cute stuffed cuties!


  13. Imagine me singing the song...."Your blog is just one of my favorite things!". Your blog is yummy....so crafty and creative. I've only been a lurker for a few weeks now but I'm de-lurking b/c I WANT your creation in my home. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world!

  14. Hi Jo + BabyEbi + Daddy Ebi :)

    Well, yes, I do love your blog. There are 2 blogs that I check the most... & yours happens to be one of them! (The other is Lapaz Farm: http://lapazfarm.homeschooljournal.net/).

    Why am I so drawn to it? Lets see... Well, originally it was because of the MOntessori stuff and I immediately appreciated how clear and instructive you were and generous with your ideas & designs.

    But now, I think I just love checking in to see what wonderful *creative* projects you & BabyEbi have been working on - my favourites are all the cool things you've done with his drawings, especially the tops. Very cute. My biggest boy is still waiting for his designs to be immortalised :)

    And, finally - thanks for all the "swap" work that you do. Your enthusiasm and organisation don't go unnoticed. I have my snack postcards sitting here right now actually - eeek! - sorry, I'm tres late. I just need to address them & post them off. See, lucky it's you doing this :)

    Congratulations on the big 200. May there be hundreds more to come!!


  15. I get inspired from your blog! Nothing more to really add. Thanks for the postcard swap and recipes you sent me. I have LOVED looking for ingredients here in Hungary and trying to add variety to our meals. Thanks for setting up the postcard swap and I pray the palacsinta's worked out for you :)

    I am thankful for mom's like you that put your fun ideas out online for us to try with our kids. Thanks.
    Julie from Budapest
    you have my info, but here it is again... zach (dot) anderson (at) ccci (dot) org

  16. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, but have never left a message.

    I love your Montessori posts, your crafting posts and also your bento posts. I am really getting into making bentos for my daughter's lunch.
    thanks for this great contest and for all the wonderful things you share on your blog.

  17. I'm a new reader and I'm loving your blog! Love reading about the Montessori-inspired teaching. The mermaid is awesome!

  18. Congrats on your 200th post! I think I hit my 200th some time ago (I've been a bit absent from my blog recently and have lost track). Yes, I'm a lurker, finally coaxed out. I think I got here from a link on Crafty Crow.

    I'm a mom to an almost 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old, and I love the ideas that I've found here. We did some ice cooking in the sun today, which my girls loved. I'm interested in Montessori education, and love seeing how you implement it with BabyEbi.

    Love both the softies, but I think space cadet is particularly wonderful!


  19. Hello!

    I have been lurking for a few months.

    I am a home-preschooling mom who is starting to integrate some Montessori activities into our day. I love getting inspiration from other moms so that I can see how it really works with real kids.

    Plus, BabyEbi is very cute :)

    My address is warillever@gmail.com

  20. :) If I win this, i'll have to tell my 2-year-old I de-lurked because of greed... not a great thing to teach as a parent!
    Where I live, montessori methods are not that prevalent - infact my city has just one school that offers it and only for kindergarten. Since it was a concious decision on my part, your blog has sort of reteirated the fact that it's an excellent education choice - and I make up for my working mum's guilt by doing all your wonderful craft ideas with my toddler. I'd love to win, but I absolutely love what you do - and how you share it so generously. hugs.


  21. I am new here and wow it feels like home.
    Thanks for your blog!

  22. congratulations! i read your blog almost everyday...here's my email just in case.....
    thank you again and long life to your blog, it is a true inspiration for mums ..... cheers

  23. Hello,

    While I don't have time to read on a frequent basis, your blog is on my reader.google.com site. I like that Baby Ebi is a little older than my boys (birthdates April 6, 2006 and January 5, 2008) so I can figure out what might keep their interest in the future. As we are in California now (first son born in Tokyo), we are going to try freezing "treasures" in ice project very soon on a hot day.


  24. OK, I've been tempted out of lurkdom! I recently found your blog through MIJ (where I also mainly lurk...) and I have gone back and read all the old postings.

    Nowadays I'm at home with my 3 month old son and when I read your blog I just think 'That's what I want to do!'. All your activities with BabyEbi, your fantastic crafting, organising swaps and so on... Basically, I aspire to reaching that level!

    Keep up the good work,



  25. Another one here who has been lured out of hiding. I've been lurking on your blog for a few months now. My question is, what's not to love about your blog??
    I love all of your activities that you do with BabyEbi, they are so inspirational!! I love learning things about Japan. I love your crafts. And I love, love, love, your generosity in sharing all of your terrific downloads! Congratulations on two hundred posts! Now if I could type up only one!

  26. What a choice... However, if Babyebi picks my name I think my little one would adore the mermaid (especially since she pretends to be one every time she steps foot in the bath!).
    By the way, I'm fairly new to your blog (found it last month) and I'm totally addicted. I love all the creative things that you do with Babyebi. We have already tried several of the crafts. El, my 4 yr old daughter, actually made her granpa's some, as she called them, "fancy hankies" for Father's Day. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your life with all of us.


  27. We're seriously considering homeschooling our children and have adopted a montessori approach to their early education. I find tons of inpiration from your blog. Thanks and congrats on the 200th post!

  28. Hi!!

    I read you from Spain. I homeschool my 2 children, Damian 4 and Nora 3 years old, in a Montessori way. I just love your blog!! The activities ideas are geat and the fotos so nice!!

    We have a blog too.

    Thanks for sharing so many things with us!! This blog is an inspiration for me as a homeschool mother!!

    We love both, the space cadet and the mermaid!!


  29. I really enjoy your posts. I did the coin cleaning and my little guy loved it. I plan on doing a few others on your site.

    Love your ideas and crafts!

  30. I love all your creativity. I am very inspired by what you are doing. And I love seeing what fellow Montessorians are doing and thinking about. Keep up the great work on the blog.

  31. Congrats on the 200th post! :) I stumbled on your blog from another Montessori Mom's blog and LOVE your dolls you have made. You have so many great project ideas... and as I have a very busy toddler I will be adding your blog to my "favorites"! Keep up the good work!

    -Clare Clarebear84@myway.com

  32. Hello! I'm a lurker. And I was thrilled to hear you're in Japan. I was a "Caterpillar brat" growing up, and got the opportunity to visit Japan a few times. You have wonderful ideas, and I can't wait to try some out with my kiddos.



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