Thursday 12 June 2008

back in the groove

I am so glad we have got back into the 3 hour cycle, BabyEbi seems less restless and I don't feel guilty for not doing any 'work' with him. We had a playgroup meeting yesterday so we didn't do any work as such since we were out all day, we went to the Saitama Modern Art Museum and then had a picnic in the park. The museum was quite busy but babyebi still made a point of telling me which pictures he liked and which he didn't. I think later we will get one of the big art books out and talk more about the pictures to try and help his describe what he does and doesn't like about something.
He is doing really well with his letters, he can write about half of them now and although I feel like he doesn't quite 'get' the initial sound of a letter idea, I think he understands what I am getting at but the penny hasn't quite dropped yet so to help with that we have been doing some sorting

We have also had the world maps out, he started by doing the world map and reviewing the continent names and then he matched the animals with the continent they are from, he really enjoyed doing this. So after I made a photocopy of the world map and I plan to do a sticking activity along the same lines.

Then he wanted to get another map out so we got Asia (since that is where we live, I thought it would be a good place to start). It is the first time we have had this map out and I was surprised to see that Russia is in Asia! I am pretty sure Russia is in the EU! There also A LOT of small countries in Asia so it took quite some time for us, yes, I had to help in the end to put it back together.

Later he did some drawing, he got out his drawing board and a toy bus, he put the bus on the top of the drawing board and proceeded to draw it, it is the first time I have seen him do this.

I think he did a great job, I haven't tried doing any still life drawing/painting with him yet but maybe that is something I should introduce.

The next swap - I was thinking about a miniatures objects swap, objects that can be used in the sound pouches and language area for eye-spy etc. What do you think?

Right, that is it for today, I really need to get a wriggle on and get these guys past the 'cut out and left in a pile' stage :o)


  1. That's a fantastic drawing! I'm interested in the swap. It sounds like a great idea. I'm always looking for sound pouch objects :)

  2. In a real montessori class room 3 hours of work is still a lot, at my school we start at 9am and finish by 11.30 am and at the end the kids are exhausted... so dont feel too guilty if baby ebi wants to shorten the session once in a while. As teachers we have to be flexible too and somewhat look for cues from the little ones so they are not overwhelmed and too tired.... baby ebi draws very well ;)

  3. we don't do 3 hours solid and we have a snack break somewhere in the middle. he is funny, he will finish doing something, say building a pink tower extension and then he has to dance around it and sing! I can't imagine he would be very popular in a classroom setting ;o)

  4. Russia is a transcontinental country. Most of it extends over Asia, I think the limit are the Ural Mountains.


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