Monday 23 June 2008

my brain isn't functioning properly!

so I can't think of a good title for this post!
Saturday daddyebi had to go to work and the weather was awful, we are in the middle of the rainy season in Japan, which isn't like a monsoon, like I expected it to be when I first moved here, it is pretty much like the UK all year round LOL. With the exception of it getting hot and humid, NOT my favourite season in Japan.
Anyway, we ended up doing some Montessori work, I put a new activity on the shelf, sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects. he really enjoyed it, got the concept straight away and did the exercise twice before putting it back on the shelf.

The non-magnetic bowl

The magnetic bowl, well tin, it was the only thing I could find that was magnetic.

Seeing if the object will 'stick'

After that he worked with the sound cylinders for a bit, I love the glazed expression on his face :o)

Then he got the smelling bottles out. He has used this quite a lot but this was the first time he did it all properly (he usually just tips the bottles up to see the colour self correction stickers and matches those instead of the smells). If he does it correctly again next time I will add another set of bottles, there are just 3 pairs at the moment but I bought 6 pairs of bottles when I made the set up.

He finished off doing the world map puzzle and then coloured in the map with colours matching the puzzle pieces.

I have made some cards for continent work, in fact I spent ALL Saturday night cutting, sticking and laminating, I hate cutting out, I am sure I would get a lot more sewing done if I didn't have to do the cutting out bit. I will need to convert the files to JPG before I can upload them to Flickr, I will try and do it this week.


  1. I'm curious about continent cards -- we will be learning about continents all summer and I am trying to find a cheaper alternative to the expensive wooden Montessori continent puzzles.

  2. I love the magnetic/nonmagnetic work! I'll have to put something like it together soon for O. Thanks!


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